Welcome to Expedition Genealogy!


By utilizing consultants from various professional backgrounds, we can apply a unique perspective to your personal expedition.  We proudly have experts in the fields of genealogy, law, genetics, history, pathology, language, political science, and publishing.  This sets us apart from the typical one-person firm.

But does that make us sound too large to provide a personal experience?  No! Our founder saw that the smartest and most talented people she knew were no further away than her own family and friends.  So, by using gentle persuasion and flattery, we have assembled a wonderful team to enhance your experience with us. Family history by our family, for yours.

Contact us so we can customize your expedition.  We can help with family history projects, translations of documents, breaking the brick walls, missing heirs, forensic analysis, adoption liaison, second citizenship, lineage society application, and DNA interpretation.  Not sure? Just ask!